Graduation 2014

Cardiff School of Health Sciences Graduation took place at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay last week.  The 16th of July 2014 was a day that many students and their families had looked forward to for several years!

The ceremony began at 10am with Psychology BSc students processing towards the end of the ceremony.  We were proud to award 100 BSc (Hons) in Psychology to our 2014 cohort of graduands; each had worked very hard over the course of their studies and it was wonderful to see everyone in their academic gowns.  The BSc Programme Team were also very pleased to award Tasmin O’Donnell the British Psychological Society Undergraduate Award for the best performing student and James Clay the British Psychological Society Welsh Branch Student Prize for best dissertation.  It was excellent to see so many students graduate, especially after such a good year.

Students and guests outside the Wales Millennium Centre

Students and guests outside the Wales Millennium Centre

As well as the undergraduate programme we also saw one student graduate with an MSc in Lifestyle Psychology, three students graduate with an MSc in Health Psychology and nine students with an MSc in Forensic Psychology.  Postgraduate prizes were awarded to Rhiannon Lewis (Award for best postgraduate dissertation in Psychology) and Karen Ozzati (Award for the best academic progress made by a student at postgraduate level) who both graduated with an MSc in Forensic Psychology.   It was also the first year for a cohort of students from the Health and Forensic Practitioner Programmes to graduate; we saw one student awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Practitioner Health Psychology and five students awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Practitioner Forensic Psychology.  These programmes have been warmly received by the practitioner communities and we hope to see many graduates from these programmes in the future.

Inside the Wales Millennium Centre

Inside the Wales Millennium Centre

We also saw one of our PhD students process and receive her doctoral degree.  Dr Honor Young received her PhD for her thesis entitled ‘The attitudes of teenagers towards unprotected sex and pregnancy’.  Dr Young will be familiar to many of our students as she taught throughout her studies and is now working at Cardiff University.  Congratulations to Honor!

Graduation 2014 Booklet

Graduation 2014 Booklet

Congratulations to all students from the Department of Applied Psychology and CSHS students who graduated last week!  We hope you continue to keep in touch and inform us of your ongoing achievements, of which we are sure there will be many.


Taking Control of Employability: The Cardiff Met Award

This year several of our Psychology students have taken part in the Cardiff Met Award run by UMAX. This Award is designed to acknowledge those students who are developing their experience, abilities, and knowledge in order to advance their employability skills. As demonstrated by our ongoing programme of Initial Professional Development we are keen to encourage our students to acquire skills beyond their academic studies. We were very pleased to see so many Psychology students take on the challenge of the Cardiff Met Award and in this blog post we hear from Claire Thomas who has succeeded in winning one of the awards this year.


Cardiff Met Award Story: Claire Thomas

My name is Claire Thomas, AKA The Claire Thomas. (@TheClaireThomas)

Like you (and many others) I started my degree and genuinely believed that I would magically get a job at the end. I felt that my degree would show off a skill set that every employer would love. Psychology has a range of transferrable skills after all – Literacy skills, numeracy skills, even a bit of science and plenty of abstract and critical thinking. However, you are not the only person who has those skills now. Psychology is a very popular choice and unlike dentistry or accounting there is not one career path you will be expected to take. Some of you will know you want to be clinical psychologists or forensic psychologists and that is great but you can always do with an added bonus that makes you shine a little brighter than the candidate next to you in the interview waiting room.

This was why I chose to enrol on the Cardiff Met Award.

When I started my final year, I felt I lacked direction. I didn’t know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I knew only that there was no magical job waiting for me after graduation and I would have to put in some work to increase my employability skills.. So I pushed myself forward and applied for the Cardiff Met Award.

The Cardiff Met Award is a course designed by UMAX to give Cardiff Met’s students a head start in the fierce graduate job market. It encompasses a wide range of skills that will make you work hard and demand a high level of organisation. When you finish you will be a well-rounded individual with a good personal awareness and an excellent history of personal development, one of the biggest things that employers look for. Employers are no longer looking at your degree results alone, they want to know what else you have done and what else you can do. I can say from experience that the award takes some effort to achieve! It requires a lot of time with 100 hours of work experience, multiple workshops and activities, plus an interview and presentation at the end. However, the skills you learn will push you forward and far above other job applicants.

For me, it has been a brilliant experience. I completed it in my final year alongside my studies, I threw myself right into the social media workshop and have had nothing but praise about it all since. I learnt the important of personal branding and why using LinkedIn is so important. I have learnt all about motivation and how to give perfect answers in any interview. I have had my CV tailored and I have learnt how to write to hiring managers with a flawless cover letter. I have also felt supported every step of the way by UMAX and the Student’s Union.

My final presentation and interview were deemed so good that I invited to present about my experiences at the Cardiff Met Award ceremony in City Hall in the presence of the Vice Chancellor and many other important people such as company owners and governors for the university. As a result of that day and receiving the award I have successfully landed two interviews for dream jobs in marketing and PR!


Photo Credit: Cardiff Met Student Union (UMAX)

Claire Thomas being presented with her Cardiff Met Award by Professor Tony Chapman (Vice-Chancellor and Principle of Cardiff Metropolitan University) and Hannah Reilly (Training and Development Manager at UMAX, Cardiff Metropolitan University)


So the hard work is worth it. It really works and you can take control of your career and future. You can find out more here:

Remember that the earlier you start taking control of your future, the better!