Academic staff met recently as formal Examining Boards in order to award degrees and consider the academic progress of students this year.  These boards were supported by our Administration Team and by Registry who deserve thanks for working so hard during this very busy time of year. 

The final Award Boards considered over 100 final year students and we were very pleased with the outcomes.  Several of our students were awarded Firsts and the majority of students were awarded well-deserved 2:1s and 2:2s.  Overall the standard of work produced by students was very good, with many students having a very successful final year of study.  Results were posted on the 19th of June and were celebrated by staff and students afterwards in the PARC.  Jake Dorothy earned the prize of Best Student following a very successful three years study at Cardiff Metropolitan which culminated in a richly deserved First.  Hannah Senior was awarded the prize of Best Student Project for which she was awarded an ‘A’ following a qualitative investigation into the experiences of seasonal care workers. 

Staff then met to consider the first and second year students.  Again we were very pleased with the results overall, with some very good students progressing to their next year of study.  We are already looking forward to seeing final year projects from our second years. 

The culmination of the academic year was on the 11th of July at the Wales Millennium Centre where our final year students graduated!  It was very rewarding for staff to see students celebrate three years of hard work and to meet students’ families.  It was clear that our students and their families are very proud of their accomplishments… and rightly so!  Once again, from all the psychology staff – CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR GRADUATES OF 2012!


As a successful academic year draws to a close, we are already planning induction week for September and thinking about the next year.  We are pleased to offer students high quality teaching and support, which will continue to be developed and at the centre of our programme over the next years.   


Annual Department Picnic

On a windy and cold day in May members of the Department of Applied Psychology met in Llandaff Fields for the first department picnic.  It was a chance to relax together and celebrate the end of the academic year and will hopefully be the first of many departmental picnics!  All years were invited and it proved to be a lovely way to mark the end of the academic year!


Below are a few pictures (although they don’t demonstrate just how cold it was!):


Some treats made by our multi-talented students who are set to graduate this year!  These were very warmly received!


Deiniol attempted to make the most of the cold breeze and fly a kite!  The photo demonstrates how cloudy and grey it was that day!



 Dr Walker showing off his footballing skills!


Despite the weather, the picnic was a good opportunity for staff and students to relax and enjoy spending time together.  We hope that next year’s picnic will be even more successful!